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Cappadocia Restaurant

Turkish food is renowned for its fresh ingredients, aromatic spices, and tantalising flavours. And at Cappadocia we capture the very essence of traditional Turkish cuisine.

You’ll discover high quality Turkish food as it should be served, prepared by native chefs, who have trained and worked at the highest level. Our food is cooked in an open kitchen on a charcoal grill using as many UK-sourced ingredients as we can, such as meat from Scotland and Wales.

It’s not only the food that’s typically Turkish either. Dine at either of our two restaurants, and you’ll experience the authentic friendly, relaxed atmosphere of Turkey. And the entertainment is authentic too with belly dancers every Thursday.

From lunch or dinner with friends, to business meetings and celebrations, whether you chose Kingston or Walton, you can be sure of a warm Turkish welcome.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

To reserve a table call 020 8549 6228 for Kingston or 01932 259 881 for Walton. Alternatively you can make a reservation enquiry online.

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Call us on 020 8549 6228 to reserve a table or make an enquiry online.


Call us on 01932 259 881 to reserve a table or make an enquiry online.

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